Future Members

You must be a current 6th grade student. Beginning band is only offered in the 6th grade, so now is the time!

1. Does music or playing an instrument interest you? Talk it over with your family. You may be interested, but not completely sure what to play. That is okay! Look around on our website, email the directors if you have questions and talk to older kids you know in band.

2. Check out the instruments below and see which one you would like to play. Keep an open mind about all of the instruments because they are all fun to play!

3. Select BAND as your #1 elective choice on your schedule sheet. 

Woodwind Family
Woodwind Instruments are mostly made out of wood and have more than three keys to produce sounds. Woodwind Instruments can have low sounds as well as high sounds. If you like to use both hands at the same time, or having something inside your mouth when you play, you might enjoy one of these instruments below. Check em out!

Brasswind Family
Brasswind Instruments are mostly made out of brass or other metals and have three to five keys or sometimes none. Brasswind Instruments can have low sounds as well as high sounds, and use a mouthpiece to achieve certain notes. If you like to use one hand, or might not want something inside your mouth while you play, you might enjoy one of these instruments below. Check em out! 

Percussion Family
Precussion Instruments can be made out of virtually anything these days. Percussion Instruments can have low sounds, high sounds, short sounds, and long sounds. A percussionist plays ALL the instruments in the percussion family of instruments. If you like to use both hands at the same time or the challenge of learning ten or more instruments at a time, you might enjoy playing one of these instruments below. Check em out! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which instruments are available to choose from?
In beginning band, students are divided into classes by instrument. The following instruments will be available for you to choose from: flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone, tuba and percussion.

Do I have to know anything about music to join band?
No. Everything you need to know to play an instrument will be taught in your band class. Any training in music you already have will be very helpful, but it is not required.

How do I know what instrument is best for me?  Can someone help me decide?
The band directors will assist you in selecting the instrument that is best for you by having you make a sound on all of the instruments while looking at your facial features and getting to know your personality. Depending on your physical characteristics, you may progress faster on one instrument than you would on another. Our experienced staff will offer you the best advice possible in your instrument selection.

How much time will this take?
As a beginning band student, there are only a few times during the whole year we will have practice outside of the regular school day. Students will need to practice individually at home, before school, or after school 20 minutes per day, five days a week.

If I join band, can I still be in football, cheer, theater, choir and other sports/clubs?
YES! Not only is participation in other organizations possible, it is encouraged. We work closely with the coaches, choir director, theater director, and academic UIL coaches to allow our students to participate in everything without having conflicts. Our band members participate in football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, track, cross-country, choir, theater, art, cheer, UIL Academics, student council, NJHS, and GTT.

What performance opportunities will I have?
Our beginner performances include: Band-a-Mania, a Winter Concert, a Solo and Ensemble Competition, and a Spring Concert or Festival. Our 7th and 8th grade bands compete at the UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest, Solo & Ensemble Competition, and the All-District/All-Region Competitions. The band is also big source of school spirit at all the pep rallies and participates in a few football games as a pep band in the fall. Chapa band members have performed at many of the most magnificent concert halls in Texas including the Lila Cockrell Theatre in San Antonio and the Bass Concert Hall in Austin.

Who is in the band at Chapa?
The very best students in Hays CISD are in the Chapa Band. Your friends and fellow classmates will join you in what will be some of the most exciting times of your school days. The more friends, the more fun! Out of our 280+ students in the band program, you will find the highest academic achievers in the school.

What fun things will I do in band?
The most obvious and rewarding of all is learning to play an instrument. We like to reward the students for their hard work and dedication by providing parties and very special trips. The Chapa Band loves to have fun! One of the many great things we do is take an annual end of the year trip to Schlitterbahn, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, or an overnight trip to Corpus Christi or Dallas!

How much money will this cost?
The main cost is your instrument. Quality new and used instruments are available from most music stores which are listed on our site under the Resources tab. Many students rent an instrument on a rental or purchase plan at a competitively low, monthly cost. The music stores will provide the best service for the best price and are willing to work with you and your family. The school district provides the more expensive instruments to students for a very low, yearly maintenance fee. Most parents rent an instrument with an option to buy or upgrade later. The band directors have compiled a list of instrument brands and models we recommend. Please wait until you receive the band supply sheet before purchasing any instrument so that you can be set up for success!

How can I get more information about the Chapa Band?
Please contact a band director.