Thursday, July 27, 2017

Welcome Back, Cougars!

Charms Information:
-       All student logins and passwords have been reset to the default setting. See instruction below.
-       Parent/Student contact information is stored in our online database. This is how we send out emails and our first point to look for contact information. It is also your first resource to find copies of music or other handouts, as well as financial information from fundraisers.
-       Please visit and login in using the school code ChapaMSBand. The password is your student ID number. Once you have logged in, you can change it to whatever you would like.
-       Please update ALL contact information with current address and phone numbers, as well as good contact emails for any parties who would like updates on band events. 
Chapa Summer Band Camp:  
-       We will host a band camp here at Chapa the week of August 7-11 from 8AM to 12PM. Please bring your Summer Music Packet to Camp! If you did not get this or you lost your copy, then you can print a new packet from the Charms website.
-       This half-day camp is intended to get students back in shape for the year, begin working on fundamentals that we use in the concert ensembles, and start learning the pep band music.
-       The camp IS NOT mandatory, but it is highly recommended! Yes - It's FREE!
-       We will take students to a celebration (bowling, Gattitown, or a movie) at the end of the week as a “thank you” from us to them for giving up some of their summer vacation to the band program.

Chapa Summer Band Master Classes:

-       On August 15-17 we will be hosting a series of “master classes” at Chapa for our students from 4:30PM-6:30PM.
-       These classes will focus on instrument-specific techniques such as tone, articulation, fingering tips, posture, and the All-Region music.
-       Students should definitely plan to attend their master class, especially if your student is a member of the Wind Ensemble or if they have intentions to “challenge up” at the end of the Fall semester, since the “challenge up” process relies heavily on the All-Region music as a basis for placements in the Spring bands.